The Graham Residence, 2011

Yucca Valley
Sold 1,207 sf

Blue Sky Systems Architecture

With little disruption to the natural environment during its construction, Blue Sky Building Systems’ sustainable Graham Residence is enhanced by the ten-acre rugged terrain in which it sits. Upon first sight, the right angles of the structure may appear to conflict with the rounded granite surfaces surrounding the house, but the rectilinear geometry of the structure is the perfect counterpoint to an otherwise undulating terrain of ancient rocks and desert landscape. Rather than demonstrating humankind’s prowess to conquer nature by manipulating the environment to suit human needs, the Graham Residence changes the dialogue from conquering nature to being part of nature, while opening up a dialogue about sustainable and affordable architectural design.

Listing courtesy Stephen Skuris, Crosby Doe Associates, Inc.

Additional Details

  • Lot Size: 10 Acres
  • Air Conditioning: Central

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