2107 Oakwood Street, Pasadena, CA, 91104

This picturesque cottage has its roots in England’s Lake District. Original wood-framed windows provide lots of sunny light spilling onto the hardwood floors and views of the San Gabriel Mountains

$ 620000 Available 891

Robert E. Bond Design, 1949

Located in the Poppy Peak Historic District, Robert E. Bond’s progressive, forward-thinking design exemplifies the Modernist aesthetic of breaking free from traditional, conservative architecture that dominated the American landscape prior


Peter Tolkin, A.I.A.

Classic California Bungalow and Modern Art Studio by Peter Tolkin, AIA. Contrary to popular belief, today’s casual open plan program, which so characterizes modern California living and convenience, did not

Sold 1,172 sf

The Bolton/Culbertson House

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Bolton/Culbertson House 1906/1929, by architects Charles and Henry Greene with addition by architect Garrett Van Pelt, is recognized today as one

Sold 5,725 sf

The Alfred E. Freeman House, 1926

The first of two estates commissioned by the Freemans during the economic optimism of the 1920s, their L.C. Bauer-designed home reflects the eclectic, interpretive designs of Southern California regional vernacular

Sold Family House 5,319 sf

The Lydia C. Edmands House

Arthur and Alfred Heineman, Architects, 1917
Placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1998, the Cotswold Cottage built for wealthy widow Lydia C. Edmands exemplified the Heineman brothers’ creative

$ 4500000 Available Family House

The Clifford Barnes Estate, 1912

Oak Ridge, also known as the Clifford Barnes Estate, was designed in 1912 by Elmer Grey, F.A.I.A. This park-like private 1.6 acre estate property showcases Grey’s talent as an exceptional

Sold Architecture 6,689 sf

The De Steiguer Residence, 1936, 1951

Harwell Hamilton Harris, F.A.I.A; Leland Evison, A.I.A.
Moved to the Poppy Peak Historic District in 1951 by Leland Evison to avoid demolition during the construction of the 134 Freeway, Harris’s two-story,

$ 1799000 Sold Family House 1,590 sf

Norwood & DeLonge, 1963

The City of Pasadena coined a new term ‘Oriental Modern’ to describe the creative aspect of this mid-century design imagined by Norwood & Delonge. The Asian influences of the exterior